Feedback as an Effective Tool for Better Assignment Quality

Making better use of feedback can improve the quality of any kind of work immensely. It is, however, observed that some students do not implement feedback properly and end up making the same mistakes again. Since the instructors’ knowledge and experience goes into the feedback provided to students, it is bound to be of use if taken constructively. Students must realize that teachers take out time and effort while giving feedback with the student’s interest in mind, hence it is no wonder  that those students who strive to excel in academics make sure to incorporate feedback in their work. Considering the huge impact feedback has on students’ performance, let us explore the ways in which it can be given with little or no chances of it being ignored.

Address a Problem and Give a Solution assignment

Effective feedback not only identifies flaws in any piece of work, but also gives a solution or suggests a certain alteration thereby providing the right kind of assignment help to the students. It is obvious that students don’t make mistakes and errors deliberately, it is either out of confusion or a lack of proper understanding. Hence, teachers must take into account these factors and when identifying problems, they must give solutions also. An effective way would be to assign students the work, check it and give feedback and base another assignment on this given feedback or ask students to resubmit work with the necessary changes made. This would ensure that the students don’t take the instructor’s comments lightly and improve their work.

 Learn Through Collaboration

Students may be given tasks that require them to work in teams. Teamwork enables students to work in cooperation with each other and come up with a certain outcome. Since the team is judged on the output produced, hence during the process each member puts in a certain share, which is evaluated and assessed by the other team members. Through this way, the entire team contributes and gives feedback with the goal to give the best work.

 Actively Observe        

With the advancements in teaching methodologies, students now get to view others work through oral presentations and through active observation are better able to compare their own work with others and be the source of the feedback themselves.

 Review your peers

Another effective means of getting feedback is through peer review and evaluation, which enables students to assess each other’s work and give useful pointers.

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