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When it comes to essay writing and academic work, there are a few guidelines and rules that students have to follow. For students, it is important to understand those guidelines and formatting styles respective to their institutions. Without proper understanding of these, not only do the students risk hampering the credibility of their work, but also the quality of it, because they will not be following the rules and principles that govern the writing. When you use the right formatting, you also save yourselves from any unintentional plagiarism in the work.

Over different institutions across the world, students and teachers prefer different types of formatting style. Some of the popular ones like Harvard and MLA style formatting are more widely and generally used across the world. When it comes to using these styles in your essays, it is important to understand each and every rule regarding that style. Today’s academic blog will talk about four ways through which one can use MLA style writing in their essays.

Writing in Essays

General guidelines

MLA style formatting provides students with a perfect mechanism and structure to write their work accordingly. Additionally, it also provides a guideline to students for adding their sources and referencing based on the research work they complete. For MLA style, the printing preference stands at 8.5 x 11 inch paper with double spaced font. So whenever you are writing an essay, always double space your lines. Also remember to leave a space after any periods or punctuations.

Formatting the title page

When it comes to formatting, do not use any specifications on the title page, unless otherwise instructed on the brief.  When you are working on formatting the title page, always keep your headings in italics and centralize the font. Create a header in the upper right corner, which may include your name and other credentials of the assignment.

Section Headings

In MLA style essays, section headings serve as breakers and can be used very effectively to provide readers with a clear understanding of what they are reading about.


While writing the references for your essays on an entire website, you should use the following formatting:

The topic of the article, the publication name in the article, the name of the website and the date on which you downloaded the material.

While working on individual referencing, follow the format given as follows:

Last name, first name, name of the topic or subject, name of the publication, date of the publication and year.

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