How to Create a Powerful Argumentative Essay Outline

An argumentative essay is usually written either in support or in opposition of a topic to convince the readers on a specific stance. Writing a thesis statement for argumentativepaperis not easy. It requires to bewritten in a clear manner by highlighting the main claim and purpose of the paper. Follow the guide below to know how to write an effective thesis statement for an argumentative paper:

Choose a topic:

A thesis statement is developed from the topic. It presents the argument about a specific topic either to support it or against it with the help of supporting facts and evidences. So, choose a topic that is interesting, informative and unique. Know that your topic should be good and impressive because only then you will beable to develop an effective statement about it. After selecting your topic, search to find supporting facts and evidences that you can use to make your argument strong and effective. You can find this information from books, research journals or internet.

State your position:

As stated above, an argumentativepaper is written either in support or in opposition of a specific topic. It presents the argument with the help of supporting facts, examples and evidences to convince the readers on a particular stance. So, when you are done with selecting your topic or argument, now state your position that whether you are in support of it or against it. Know that you cannotsupport oroppose a topic at the same time. You have to chooseyour stance on the basis of your findings, knowledge and information that you will use to presentyour argument. It is very important for you to have a clear idea about your stance on a specific thing because only then you can write an effective statement.

Stay focused:

When you write your thesis statement, stay focused on a specific point. You will need to write a hypothesis for your thesis statement on the basis of which you will prove your point. Make sure the points you use as your hypothesis are relevant to your argument because in case of irrelevant points, you will get confused and will end up in writing an ineffective argument. For example, your argument revolves around school studies and the points you use as hypothesis include excessive homework, tough studies and not enough food. So, in this example, you will see the first twopoints are relevant to the topic but the third point is not. This is why, you need to befocused and write only therelevant points.

Write a clear statement:

Once you have developed a thesis statement, now ask yourself whether my statement presents a clear idea about my argument or not and does it tell the readers that what the argument is going to be about or not. It is very important for you to be sure that your statement clearly states these two points because only then you will be able to write an effective and successful argument.

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